I may not have had the best experiences, nor the worst, I'm sure. All I know is that I'm stronger, either way.

26th Jan 2014


Lilly aka “Hell”,  has not been seen for a while now, Starr said God has taken her, but I am skeptical as to if alters really “leave” or “die”, but...

26th Jan 2014


I am Starr. I liek to play and color and do art too I just like to play with kids and I love them a lot. i liek animals too...

26th Jan 2014


I am known as Ellie. I was created to protect “my person” I came to realize I don’t like everything about the “others”, but I don’t have to like everything...

26th Jan 2014


My name Is Parephie, I am known as “The Person”. I like for you to know a little about myself before we get too deep. I like to snuggle! I...

10th Jan 2013


Deep in the shadows I suppress the images in my head. If I let them escape I will never remember. I only hope to keep the memories of him, as he has...

10th Jan 2013
weeping eye

Weeping Widow

Why does she weep, this weeping widow inside me, it’s not that she hurts, but that she feels so little, her love was not man nor woman had died, it’s gone from...

10th Jan 2013

For You

Bleeding away my love for you, I lay abandoned on the floor, cut and torn its because of you, when you walked out the door. Alone and cold, alone and...

10th Jan 2013


You look right at me, its like you see right through me. You never stop to say hello. I am always feeling alone. Its not like you can help it,...

29th Dec 2012

Love Me

The darkness falls, his dreams awake. I feel his arms fall into place. I love his touch his passion his grace. It all turns into fallen disgrace. I try to...

28th Dec 2012

Cakes Are For Celebrations?

I couldn’t have been older than 7. Today was going to be a good day. I was extremely excited to see my grandmother, we were traveling from Wasilla to Soldotna...